The bond between a godparent and godchild is special type of kinship that fills your heart with joy. The role of a godparent is to care about your godchild as if they were your own, offering love, support, and guidance; but while many go above and beyond with their godparenting duties, remembering to send a card year after year for special occasions is something that can easily slip the mind. The founders of Easy Godparenting, who are godparents themselves, saw the need for a modern service that can eliminate the anxiety of accidentally forgetting to send a card, by providing an automated system that can be personalized for any occasion, and for each of your godchildren.

Nothing beats the joy on a godchild’s face as they open the mail to find a personalized message from their beloved Godparent—and with Easy Godparenting, your godchildren can experience this tender feeling again and again. Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, you can easily create profiles for each of your godchildren, with important dates like such as Goddaughter and Godson birthdays, holidays, baptisms, first communions, and more. Once the dates are uploaded, you never need worry about missing an occasion again, as Easy Godparenting will send you a reminder email, giving you the option to add a personalized message to the card, and they will mail it automatically on your behalf. This saves you from having to go to the store again and again and spend hours every year picking out cards, only to realize you forget an occasion or sent the card out too late.

In addition to reoccurring cards, like birthday and holiday cards, godparents can also select from a variety of other special occasion cards like first communion, baptism, and more. Not to mention, if you accidentally forget to personalize god parent cards, despite the reminder email, the card will be sent automatically anyways with “love, (your name)”. If you have multiple godchildren, the benefits of this service multiply exponentially, as you can collect the important dates for all your grandchildren in one place, while still showing unique appreciation for each child with a customized card. The service even has a tracking system which ensures that you will never accidentally send the same card twice, a fluke that happens more than you’d think when shopping for cards at a store.

Last but not least, in addition to their made in the USA cards, Easy Godparenting also has an e-commerce shop with unique Italian made gifts that can be sent to your godchildren as an extra token of love, gratitude, and pride.

Investing in a yearly subscription with Easy Godparenting can be the perfect way to remind your godchildren that you were thinking of them all year long. The godchildren dashboard allows you to manage important dates for as many Godchildren as you have so that they all feel equally loved and appreciated. The automatic system reminds you in advance of upcoming special occasions so that you don’t have to keep checking your calendar and worry that you forgot to send a birthday or holiday card.

Choose Easy God Parenting and sign up today to guarantee that you will never forget to send a card to your Godchildren again.