Let us remember your Godchildren’s holidays

Stay in touch with your Godchildren, they deserve it.  Our plans start from as low as $19.99.


Christmas, Easter, and
Birthday cards sent


Email notification reminders for personalization before any card is mailed.


Italian made laminated prayer and saint cards with relics

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About UsWhat is Easy Godparenting?

The founders of this website are both working Godparents.  They found it difficult to keep up with the cards that they wanted to send each of their Godchildren every year.  There had to be a more convenient solution.  Well, now there is.  Welcome to the 21st Century of Godparenting.  We are the world’s first online and automatic Godparenting service.  Sign up your Godchildren, and we will send them personalized Christmas, Easter, and Birthday cards EVERY year.  We strive to provide the highest quality products, distribute them in a super convenient fashion, all while maintaining personalization with your Godchild.  We make Godparenting easy and very accommodating.  Never forget to send your Godchildren their cards again!!




We provide the automatic mailing
of your Godchild’s Christmas,
Easter, and Birthday cards for $19.99 a year.



Hand closed envelopes that include real
seasonal stamps and our round gold



Members have access to a customizable
Godchildren dashboard page where they can
personalize messages, purchase single event
cards, or visit our religious goods store.



Emails are delivered to Godparents prior
to card mailings with a link to
personalize every card sent.



Full E-Commerce store that includes
Godchild specific cards for other occasions
and Italian made religious gifts where
members receive FREE shipping.



Very appealing customer referral and Parish
incentive programs available.

First, all of our cards are printed in the U.S.A.  We are very proud of that.  Second, every one of our cards is Godchild specific.  Godson cards will say Godson, and Goddaughter cards will say Goddaughter somewhere in the text.  Third, we only use real seasonal stamps.  We use Christmas stamps for Christmas cards, Easter stamps for Easter cards, and fun stamps for our birthday cards.  Fourth, we make sure that each card sent is age appropriate for each Godchild.  We have a huge inventory of cards to choose from!!  And last, every one of our envelopes is hand sealed and given our signature round gold label.
No, we have a card tracking system that allows us to manage which Godchildren have received which cards, and we do our best not to send repeats.
Yes, our site allows Godparents to add Godchild specific Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation cards at any time through their Godchild dashboard once logged in.  At this point they can also choose to add any religious themed gifts to the card as well.
Godparents will receive a reminder Email prior to every card being sent.  This Email will contain a link where they can type a personalized message to their Godchild that is up to 150 characters long.  That message will be included in the card’s text.
Any card that does not get personalized in time for mailing will have a default message of “Love, your name”.
Our site allows you to sign up as many Godchildren as you have.
Our referral program is super easy.  Let other Godparents know about us, and if they sign up, there is an option to put the current customers Email address in a “who referred you” block.  Once the sign up is complete, a $5 credit will be issued to the current customer’s next billing cycle.  Refer 4 Godparents and get a year of our service for FREE!!
Any Parish or church is encouraged to sign up for our Parish incentive program.  They will be issued a number that any of their parishioners can use when signing up to give a 5% credit of all dollars spent on the website back to the Parish.  Checks will be issued once a year.
Currently, for the three automatic holidays, we choose an age appropriate card.  On our website, we have Godchild cards for other occasions where members can select any card they want.